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Here is a general collection of interesting things I have done, things I wish to store, or details of how I fixed a computer when it broke so that I can remember how to do it again…

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Pizza Recipe

Since I make pizza reasonably often and always make it up as I go along (around a vaguely known structure) I have decided to write it down so I have something to refer back to in future, and something I can build on to improve.

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The Archery Handicap System

In this article I hope to explain the archery handicap system, look at where it comes from to provide a better understanding, and highlight some of the less-well-known uses of the scheme.

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My PhD Thesis

I recently purchased the most expensive book that I have ever bought, and owned it for just 15 minutes. What could such an excellent and insightful tome be?, I hear you ask. Why, my PhD thesis - ‘Laminar Analogues of Atmospheric Vortices’! Here is a brief summary of what I got up to.

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Inertial wave modes in a cylinder

As part of my PhD I studied inertial waves in a vortex. This involved examining the modes of standing or ‘trapped’ inertial waves in a cylindrical geometry. Though this is a relatively straightforward problem, I struggled to find an expression for the frequencies and modeshapes. I ended deriving the solution myself which was a little involved, so I thought I would document it here in the hope that those who are in a similar situation in the future might find it.

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(Hugo) Website deployment using git (hooks)

When I set up my website I wanted to have it stored as a git repository for obvious reasons (read for when I inevitably mess something up). However, you do not wish for the git repo to be the website itself and neither do you wish to go in to your server after each push in order to re-build.

After much effort I finally found a solution that worked for me. This post consolidates what I learnt and did so that if anyone tries this in future they attempt this method (and I can replicate it when I inevitably mess something up).

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Barebow Rose Awards

The Rose Award is a badge scheme run by Archery GB for the York/Hereford/Bristol rounds in the UK. To date badges have only been available for compound, recurve, and longbow archers. With the recent increase in the number of barebow archers Archery GB decided suitable scores should be added to the scheme. This article details how Mark Roberts and I decided upon suitable scores.

Rose Awards

Rose Awards

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Getting to grips with grips - modifying a recurve grip

This is an old post I wrote elsewhere on the internet before I built this website. I have now moved it here.

It details how to modify a recurve grip, using epoxy putty, into a customised shape for you. There is also a discussion of the different styles of grip and how to select the best one for you.

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